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Being a woman is challenging enough. Being a woman in STEM adds more complexity to the picture.

We are ambitious, capable and resilient. We work hard to climb the career ladder but opportunities pass us by. We do what is asked of us, follow the rules, please our boss, perform excellent work…But we see others getting promoted or landing the position we worked hard for. We seem to be locked out of leadership and career opportunities.

Maybe it is time for change. You want to get that promotion. Move out of academia. Maybe even start your entrepreneurship journey.

Women in these organizations
trust Dr Chloe Lim

Women in STEM often struggle with these

The five day-to-day real burdens that you have to deal with

I worked in academia for 14 years before transitioning out into business and government. I have experienced various challenges commonly faced by women in STEM.

Here are some of the challenges that I faced in my career that may resonate with you.


You do not have a trusted mentor who can help you along in your journey. Even rarer are sponsors who can use their influence to help you in your career.


You do all the right things and work hard to produce excellent results. But you cannot advance in your career. You get overlooked and overtaken by other co-workers.


You have been where you are for a long time and you don’t feel like you are going anywhere. You are stuck in a rut and you don’t know how to get out of this negative cycle.


You don’t feel like you can be yourself because you are different from those around you. You are hesitant to speak up because you don’t feel like your opinion will be valued or respected.


You deny yourself the opportunity to take on roles with greater responsibilities. You don’t think that you are good enough and you are afraid you will fail. Your greatest fear is everyone finding out that you are not as good as they think you are.

Enough about problems. Would you like some solutions?

It can feel so useless to fight it

Do you resonate with any of these

If you feel like you have heard a voice in your head saying one of these things…
you are in the right place:

“I struggle to speak up in meetings. I feel like people dismiss my ideas and suggestions”

“I keep trying to get a promotion but I am constantly overlooked. What am I doing wrong?”

“I want to move out of my current role and start my own business. How do I get started?”

Does this sound familiar?

If they do… don’t worry.

You are not alone.

There is a path out of this entanglement. Read on.

There is another way

Why every woman in STEM can benefit from a Career Coach

I started coaching with the Maxwell Leadership certified coaching system and the first thing I noticed is that women in STEM are not the “average” type of client. In fact, they are never average at anything. They are high achievers who want to excel in every aspect of their life.

That’s why coaching packages and processes have to be flexible. I need to listen to you first and meet you where you are, so that we can figure out the custom package that will suit your needs and your availability – both time-wise and energy-wise.

 As soon as you start working with Chloe Lim you will find out

Why choose Chloe Lim

I was once in your shoes. I was building an academic career while raising three kids (including a set of twins). I know how it feels to be stuck where you do not want to be, not knowing how to move forward. You keep working hard to prove yourself but somehow, it is never enough.

One day, after coming back to work from my second maternity leave, I was told that my hours had been cut back. It hit me that my work was not everything, I also had my family to take care of. I was getting more miserable at work, and started to lose my motivation and sense of purpose for the work that I was doing. Until one day, I made a critical mistake in my experiment…and destroyed an important sample that I was working with.

I was stuck in a mental rut; my negative attitude was giving me bad results. I was blaming everyone – people at work and my family – for my lack of success. I realized that I was not taking personal responsibility for my results.

What changed for me was when I discovered the power of personal growth, that you can choose to change your situation by changing yourself.

This is why I am passionate about helping women in STEM.

When you take responsibility for what you want in life it changes everything.
I can help you take charge of your life and design a life where you can have it all.

There is a path out of this entanglement. Read on.


I help women in STEM make their next career move be it winning promotions, transitioning out of academia, or starting their entrepreneurship journey.

I offer individual coaching to help you clarify your goals and increase your awareness of what is possible, and I keep you accountable as you take action towards your goals.


As a Maxwell Leadership Certified Speaker and Coach, I have access to resources by John Maxwell, one of the top leadership experts in the world. His world-class and proven leadership, communication and personal growth strategies and programs are highly sought after by Fortune 500 companies,
presidents of nations, and many of the world’s top business leaders.


I have navigated the challenges of being a woman in STEM.

I chose to raise a family while in academia doing both teaching and research.

I worked in a biotechnology start-up while managing a research lab.

I started a business while I was in academia that has continued to grow and is profitable.

I successfully transitioned out of academia and into government.

I was promoted into executive level after 3 years of working in government.

I am also a company director and am building a new start-up business.

My lived experience in academia, government, and entrepreneurship puts me in a unique position to help women to prepare and navigate the changes to help them be successful in whichever path they choose.


Listen to the voices of people who have worked with Chloe Lim

“I have really enjoyed being part of Chloe’s discussion groups on “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” by John Maxwell. Chloe has an exuberant teaching style and brings the lessons to life from her own treasure chest of experiences. The relaxed format also allows me to share freely and ask questions, including of other attendees – thus boosting my GROWTH overall!

Thanks Chloe for giving me wings to GROW!”

Stella L.


“I joined the mastermind group because I wanted to achieve my goals which I was falling short of. The inability to achieve set goals had brought me to a state of lack of inspiration and I was about losing it all. But then, from the lessons learnt and applied, I was able to increase my productivity by over 50% by simply focusing on my daily routine and growth. I was able to overcome loss of inspiration and learnt how to stay inspired. Finally, with an increase in productivity, I will be able to hold my first and second ever webinars this month and a retreat workshop for 20 founders of organizations in my country. I have experienced real growth and self-mastery. Thanks Chloe for your care, support and simple, practical but transforming wisdom.”

Samuel J.

“I have really enjoyed being a part of Chloe’s mastermind group so far as she is always incredibly encouraging and positive and creates a comfortable space for us to share and learn! Chloe also shares useful resources, inspiring quotes and articles with us to further our personal growth and understanding of others which I have found very useful and refreshing. I’d encourage anyone who is invested in their personal growth to join!”

Rachel T.


You have the power within you to make changes in your career

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Three options for working with Chloe

I can help you in these ways

I can work with individuals or in a group setting to help you navigate the challenges with career growth and development.

One-on-One Coaching

Mastermind Group Facilitating 


The success story of Rachel T.

You might be the next one to make powerful changes in your career

“Chloe is a great life coach who provided me with ongoing support and helped me explore my goals further and why they were important to me! I also appreciated the advice and ideas that Chloe provided that helped me grow as a person.”

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