Episode 1:

From Lab to Leadership with
Dr Shamaruh Mirza

In this inaugural episode of CALD Voices in STEM, host Dr. Chloe Lim shines a spotlight on the experiences, challenges, and inspiring career stories of culturally and linguistically diverse women in STEM.

About our guest

Our first guest, Dr. Shamaruh Mirza, a senior regulatory scientist and co-founder of SiTara’s Story, takes center stage. 

Hailing from Bangladesh, Dr. Shamaruh shares her remarkable journey into the world of STEM. Her curiosity about the inner workings of the human brain ignited her passion for scientific exploration, leading her to pursue higher studies abroad before settling down in Australia to continue her research career. Along the way, she has garnered accolades for her volunteer work’s positive impact.  

Dr. Shamaruh has been awarded the 2023 ACT Local Hero Award  and  was  a  finalist  for  the  Australia  Day Local  Hero  Award  for  the  positive  impact  of  her  volunteer work. She also received 2021 ACT Mental Health  Month  Award,  was  a  finalist  for  the  ABC Canberra Community Spirits Award 2021.  


Dr. Shamaruh sheds light on SiTara’s Story, the nonprofit organization she co-founded that is providing a safe space for women from diverse backgrounds to engage in judgment-free dialogue. She passionately advocates for investing in girls and nurturing their potential in STEM fields, fostering analytical, critical, and scientific thinking skills. Drawing inspiration from influential female mentors, such as her renowned microbiologist aunt, Dr. Shamaruh stresses the importance of finding passion and purpose in life.

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Read this article on the importance of mental health in STEM. 

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