Episode 2:

Working in a Multicultural Context with Khin Kha

About The Guest
Khin Kha is an IT professional, cultural diversity champion, documentary filmmaker, and Asia 21 Next Generation Leaders nominee. She co-founded Phoenix Sisters, a volunteer-based network that aims to help people and organizations understand and cultivate their cultural intelligence through professional development conferences, career workshops, and mentoring programs. Khin is also a co-founder of the Kumudra Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that supports access to healthcare in Myanmar, focusing on disadvantaged community members. She is currently finalizing a documentary on Myanmar’s children.

Dr. Chloe Lim interviews Khin Kha, an IT professional and co-founder of Phoenix Sisters, a network that helps people and organizations understand and cultivate cultural intelligence. Khin shares her background and how she became interested in STEM, including her journey as an international student in Australia. She discusses her career in IT, her achievements in the field, and the challenges she has faced as a culturally diverse woman. Kin also provides advice for other women pursuing careers in STEM and emphasizes the importance of building a supportive network.

Key Takeaways

  • Khin found her passion for IT through her aptitude for physics and math.
  • Khin’s biggest achievement in her STEM career was working on a project that used data analytics to improve aged care services.
  • The lack of representation of culturally diverse women in STEM is a challenge, but there are opportunities for those who meet the qualifications and present themselves confidently.
  • Building a supportive network and finding allies is crucial for success in STEM.

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