Episode 4:

Overcoming Challenges As A Migrant Engineer with Jawaria Mahmood

About The Guest

Jawaria Mahmood is an engineer by qualification. She has experience working for the government, corporate and Not-for-profit sector in Australia and overseas. She is the founder of Tech Aware, which aims at improving digital literacy and cyber awareness for communities. She loves breaking down complex technical concepts into easy to understand information. She is a part of Engineers Australia D&I working group.

Jawaria uses both her professional and personal experience to support others. She provides safe space for women to learn and grow through mentorship. She loves sharing her language and culture through various platforms and is a proud ambassador for creating multicultural and cohesive communities.

Jawaria shares her journey into STEM, her passion for network security and cyber awareness, and her commitment to improving digital literacy for communities, especially children. She discusses her experience as a female engineer in a male-dominated field and the challenges she faced as a migrant woman in Australia. She emphasizes the importance of following one’s passion and finding a supportive community to overcome obstacles. Jawaria also highlights the need for more inclusive workspaces and offers advice to culturally diverse women pursuing STEM careers.

Key Takeaways

  • Jawaria Mahmood pursued a career in engineering despite limited career options presented by her family.
  • After a career break, Jawaria faced difficulties re-entering the workforce as a migrant woman with a gap in her resume.
  • She founded Tech Aware to provide workshops on cyber awareness and digital literacy for children and community groups.
  • Jawaria encourages culturally diverse women to follow their passion, find supportive allies, and be confident in their capabilities.

 Find out more

  • Connect with Jawaria Mahmood on LinkedIn.
  • Learn more about Jawaria’s impact on community.
  • Learn more about Tech Aware.


  • The Kaleidoscope Initiative provides support for migrants living in Western Australia to find work in their chosen field.
  • Search for jobs from ethical employers that are committed to diversity and inclusion of ALL women in STEM including women of colour/CALD on DEIR
  • Resources on migration from Engineers Australia.
  • Insights on Barriers to Employment for Migrant Engineers by Engineers Australia.
  • Engineering employers can learn more about how to attract and retain migrant engineers in this guide by Queensland Government with Consult Australia and Engineers Australia.

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