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CALD Voices in STEM podcast 

Welcome to “CALD Voices in STEM,” the podcast that delves into the inspiring stories of women who are breaking barriers and making their mark in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

I’m thrilled to introduce this platform where we amplify the voices of culturally and linguistically diverse women in STEM. Join me as we explore the personal and professional journeys of these remarkable women.

From overcoming challenges to celebrating triumphs, each episode will provide a window into the experiences that shape their paths. We’ll also dive into the broader conversation surrounding diversity and inclusion in STEM, highlighting the significance of representation.

Whether you’re navigating the challenges of a STEM career or simply curious about the contributions of women in these fields, “CALD Voices in STEM” is your go-to source for inspiration and insights.

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Ep8: Discovering Yourself as a Working Mum in Science with Dr Charis Teh

Join Dr Charis Teh as she shares her STEM journey sparked by the health challenges in her country, to challenges faced as a mother and woman, and advocating for a collaborative, inclusive leadership in STEM.

Ep7: Parental Influence on Engineering Excellence with Sakshi Nanda

Join Sakshi Nanda on an empowering journey to achieve her dream as an engineer and learn about Sakshi’s multi-faceted career journey, from her early fascination with science to her current work in biomedical engineering.

Ep6: A psychologist’s perspective on STEM challenges with Maria Bedoya

Join Maria Bedoya on an empowering journey from vulnerable communities to STEM, as she discusses the challenges of being a culturally diverse woman in the field, highlighting the importance of breaking stereotypes and bias, while gaining insights into the intersection of psychology and technology in the workplace.

Ep5: Pivoting into Law from STEM with Dr Celia Torres-Villanueva

Dr Celia Torres-Villanueva shares her career journey in STEM and pivot into Law, and emphasises the need to have a mentor and be a mentor to help other women in STEM in their journey.

Ep4: Overcoming Challenges as a Migrant Engineer with Jawaria Mahmood

Jawaria Mahmood shares her journey and challenges as a mother and migrant engineer, emphasising the need for the engineering industry to overcome the barriers to migrant employment.

Ep3: Breaking the Concrete Ceiling with Dr Ruwangi Fernando

Dr. Ruwangi Fernando shares her journey in breaking the ‘concrete ceiling’ for women of color in STEM, highlighting the crucial need for targeted support, diverse perspectives, and a passionate community to fuel innovation.

Ep2: Working in a Multicultural Context with Khin Kha

Khin Kha highlights the importance of working in a multicultural context and how we can be cultivating our cultural intelligence to improve workplace relations.

Ep1: From Lab to Leadership with Dr Shamaruh Mirza

Join us for this empowering conversation as we celebrate Dr. Shamaruh Mirza’s accomplishments and explore the transformative power of STEM careers.

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