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As a migrant who has lived in New Zealand, Singapore and now Australia, I understand the challenges an Asian migrant faces living in a foreign country. I share one part of my migrant story in the book Undefeated, an anthology of migrant women stories published in partnership with the non-profit organization Professional Migrant Women

Undefeated is a collection of 118 stories from 90 migrant women who, against all odds, overcame the challenges and barriers of living in a foreign land, speaking a different language, and being singled out for the wrong reason. It is also a celebration of their journey, their power, and their contributions to a multicultural Australia. 

If you are also a migrant woman, I hope that you feel seen in this book – that these stories inspire you to continue to show up, take up space, and embrace who you are. 

By purchasing this book, you will contribute to supporting PMW’s mission to increase visibility and representation of migrant women in Australia through their programs and activities. 

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